Increase Sales With On Hold Messages

On-Hold advertising increases sales, having callers hear what is offered, some of which possibly he or she is not familiar. Your staff will realize additional sales by answering and offering advice to callers, relating information heard, while on-hold.

On Hold Advertising Results

The majority of successful business owners and/or decision makers utilize on-hold advertising and extremely effective medium. Successful businesses are owned by steady advertisers.

Promote Special Sales with On Hold Messages

Letting customers know about grand openings, new locations, special events, anniversaries and special holiday sales is just good business sense. Incorporate what you are currently doing in radio, TV and newspapers, keeping it consistent on-going sales campaign. On hold advertising will promote your name and will do it in a way that will be remembered.

Virtually Eliminates Caller Abandonment

Sixty percent of businesses calls are put on-hold at some point during the conversation. Studies show that calls on hold in silence have been found to result in 35-40% caller abandonment.

Remaining On Hold

According to an independent survey, eighty percent of all callers, preferred on hold messages to radio and music. Independent surveys also showed 14-20% of callers made purchases and/or buying decisions based on information heard, while on hold.

Create More Sales

Soothing and relaxing musical backgrounds help callers to relax, listen and be more receptive to suggestions and information messages while on hold. Customers will inquire about things they have heard while on hold, ultimately leading to additional sales.

They are aggressive without being Harsh

Never shy or hesitant to say exactly what you want said, exactly in the pleasant tone of voice you want it said. It's like having a sales person that never takes a coffee break, is never sick, late, or desiring a raise.

The most Affordable way to Promote your Business

For dimes a day, you can have on hold messages working for you, increasing your bottom line, saying what you want them to say, every minute of the day or night, delivering your messages the same way every time.

Messages Thank Present Customers

Time is important and the customer's perception of you is vital. In our haste, many times "please and thank you" are forgotten. On hold messages give you the opportunity to express your appreciation, letting customers know you are grateful for the patronage.

100% Tax Deductible

You're giving all your money to the government anyway; you might as well get some professionally produced on hold messages for it. On hold messages, classified advertising, are legal business expenses. Therefore, they are 100% tax deductible, according to parameters of the 1964 IRS tax deduction guidelines.

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